MonoCoque Diversified Interests, LLC was founded in 2006.

The technical department of MDI brings 50+ years of cumulative experience in aircraft and engine maintenance to the company, as well as 22 years of experience in asset management, and parlayed that data into a segmented approach.

MDI has trimmed their risk by not acquiring large asset packages upon speculation. Alternatively, MDI conducts market research quarterly to determine which aviation assets will be in demand. MDI develops acquisition strategies, utilizing our proprietary data, to procure, recondition, and then sell or lease the asset to our sources.

Current assets in demand, to reach maximum profit margins.

Engine types MDI is currently acquiring:

  • GE CF6-80C2B1, B4, B5, B6, & B7
  • GE CF6-80C2A2 & A5
  • CFM56-3, -5, & -7
  • RB211-535E4
  • PW4056-1 & -3
  • PW4060-3
  • IAE V2500-A1 & -A5
  • GE CF34-10
1054-2 & 3
PW4060-3– ESN 724621
PW4090-3 — ESN- 222101
PW4090-3 — ESN- 222113
PW2037 – ESN 727152
PW2037– ESN-726608
CF6-80C2B1F — ESN- 706443
CF6-80C2B1F — ESN- 704135
CF6-80C2B6F– ESN- 702577
CF6-802CB5F — ESN- 702426
CF6-80C2B5F — ESN 702616
GE CF6-80C2B1
GE CF6-80C2B4
GE CF6-80C2B5
GE CF6-80C2B6
GE CF6-80C2B7
GE CF6-80C2A2
GE CF6-80C2A5
IAE V2500-A1
IAE V2500-A5
GE CF34-10
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MonoCoque’s core business focuses on the following current and future programs: Engine Solutions Program (ESP) – Active Program, 7 Current Assets

Customer brings engine to MonoCoque and a workscope is predetermined to manage repair costs and to deliver maximum return on investment. MonoCoque never takes title of the asset, and a joint venture agreement is agreed upon, securing a preferred equity position in the asset.

Engine Performance Fund (EPF) – Final Stage of Securing an Equity Investment Commitment – Terms to be Announced in 3rd Quarter, 2018

MonoCoque will engage in joint venture agreements to acquire “in demand assets” and seek event- driven opportunities. MonoCoque, and the other joint venture partner, will both profit from the exit strategy, whether the engine is resold or leased, managed by the joint venture, wherein both parties receive monthly lease income.

Fleet Acquisition – In 2018, MonoCoque acquired a fleet of A340s and pending 767-300 fleet

A fleet acquisition is an excellent opportunity for MonoCoque to put all of its experience to use. Variables include selling or leasing intact planes, separating them into airframes and engines, useful life of the equipment, condition of the planes, marketability, and best use. MDI creates a strategy for the best return on investment.

With many contacts throughout the aerospace industry, and an extensive customer, contractor, and parts dealer contact lists, MDI is keenly positioned to skillfully and efficiently create value from our acquisitions.