JT Stenglein


JT has a passion to help grow MDI’s work in the cargo sector, through experience in helping solve the short and long-term issues that cargo airlines experience as they grow and strive to succeed. JT developed experience in the Aviation Cargo Industry, Logistics, and On-Demand Cargo Operations with USA Jet Airlines and Active Aero Group. Prior to his business experience, most of his life was dedicated to education and hockey.

JT concluded his athletic career with the Kalamazoo Wings and four years of Division 1 Hockey at Michigan State University, while earning a degree in Economics. In October of 2018 JT joined MDI as an International Procurement, Associate.

Places I've Been

Given Name
Favorite Country
Golf, Reading
Conferences attended: The Annual Cargo Facts Symposium in San Diego, California, Tri-Stat in Greenwich, Connecticut, CargoFacts EMEA in Frankfurt, Germany, and AirFinance Journal in Dublin